Welcome to your first day of kindergarten! Thank you so much for sharing your children’s day with me. Newsletters will be posted here, in case you want to check in and don’t have your email available. Please refer to the handbook when anyquestions arise, and feel free to contact me about your questions. I am focused on our class during school hours, but leave a message and I’ll reach out as soon as I’m able to do so. I want to answer questions and ease concerns, so don’t hesitate!

First day: I encourage dropping off your child the first day at our line-up point outside and enjoying the “Tissues and Tea” PTA event in the cafeteria. Tears last a few minutes, and the excitement of being together on this adventure takes of quickly.

Snack: We have morning snack every day. Pack something that can be eaten in 5-10 mintues on a carpet. By this I mean, something your child knows is their snakc, not lunch, and something that will be cleaned quickly. Healthy food with a little protien is a great choice to keep our little ones going until lunch time.

Behavior plan: We’re reviewing the classroom rules regularly, but going over the rules with your child can be helpful. Please read disciplinary procedures should an undesireable behavior occur regularly in the classroom. We try to work with families to ensure everyone is safe, so reach out with any questions.

Homework Policy: Homework is optional in kindergarten, so we will send home a book bag later in the year to practice the responsibility of taking home a work and bringing it back. As your child gains more responsibility in class, she or he will appreciate the family time and physical activity your family time provides after school.

Quick reminder:

School hours: M, T, TH, F   9:15-3:40

Wednesday: 9:15-1:30

Office Phone: (425) 837-6300

                      (425) 837-6240 Attendance

A couple families asked if the classroom needed anything. We have a Scholastic Books flier once a month, and purchasing for your child at home gives our classroom points to buy books for the children at school. I’ve also put a few items on an Amazon list for those who were intersted in sending in something more.

Thank you again for sharing your learners with me. I’m so excited for the coming year!