What an exciting start!

Everyone is settling into the classroom beautifully! We started out the week as a group of individuals and are becoming a learning community. These kids rock!

Our Social and Emotional lessons started with an exploration about how to be a good listener. We talk about how to listen with our whole bodies:

Eyes watching
Ears listening
Voice quiet
Body still when listening.

These skills help every learner realize when they are ready for learning and how to act in a group so everyone can learn. This lesson is supported by our Social Studies lessons exploring the various ways people interact with and act upon rules and laws in society. The compelling question “How do rules help each of us at recess and other places?” assumes that while students generally enter school with some concept of rules and what it means to follow or break them, they may not yet understand who makes rules, why rules exist, and how they change in different parts of the school.

In math we’re starting to observe and analyze the world. Ordering, drawing, counting and taking apart groups to add the numbers starts our math exploration. Help at home by practicing counting groups of objects. Write numerals from 0-10 or talk about how five is a group made of 2 and 3. These are our first “decomposing” practices you’ll hear our learners talking about.

Learning through play has been shown to be the BEST way to learn, especially for young minds. When a paper comes home with a drawing or matching practice, we’ve sung songs, moved our bodies, and talked with our in-class friends about the ideas behind it. Ask your child about Mat Man, the pre-writing practice we did this week.

Our class earned their first ever Clark Coins in library and PE this week! Clark coins are handed to a child when the whole class shows great direction following. The person who was handed the coin delivers it to their teacher and shares what the class did to earn the coin. We count coins together.

This month, when our class earns 20 coins, we’ll have a party!

Highly capable screening is in the news, but no worries for our friends! Every kindergartener is screened to determine eligibility during the fall months. 

Speaking of special kindergarten time, Happy Kindergarten Month! Celebrate our new skills! Our friends in class are learning so much every day and in every way! We’re making a point of reminding our friends of their strengths and bravery in trying new work. Issaquah school district made a video about our early learners featuring some friends you might know.

The PTA is asking for Art Docents. These volunteers enter the classroom 1-2 times a month and give an art lesson with materials and training provided by the PTA. If you need more information, contact your Art Docent Program Directors – Katy Tuttle & Tiffany Nance at art@clarkpta.org

The Issaquah School Foundation provides library books, STEM opportunities and school supplies. Their fall campaign is ongoing, please donate if you are able to: http://isfdn.org/.

Our Scholastic Flyer is available. If you are purchasing items from Scholastic for your child, you’ll be helping fill our classroom library. 

Thank you again for your support during our first few days at school. Please reach out with any concerns. I’m so glad to help in any way!