One Week Already?

We’re settling into routines and taking on  more responsibility as the week progresses. Each day the children teacher me more about their interests and explore bigger ideas or abilities in class.

Upcoming Events

Sept. 17  at 9:30 am is this year’s first Coffee with Christy. Join our principal to talk about Clark.

Sept. 25 from 7-7:45 is our Curriculum Night. Join me and our class parents as we explore curriculum and goals for this year.

Sept. 26 Family Access Help at Clark Elementary. Learn to sign up for parent-teacher conferences and other useful areas tools.

October 14 – Teacher work day. Plan for alternate care options.

Scholastic Book Club

Wednesday, September 25th is the last day for September’s Scholastic Book Club. Take a look!

Thursday folders

Please take a moment to check your

child’s folder on Thursdays. District information and class work will come home on Thursdays.

Sometimes unfinished class work will come home. All class projects are working to build stamina and hand strength for writing, and community building. A lot of our work happens in conversation or play and any paperwork is a bonus in early kindergarten.

Next week children will begin working on in-class computers. Information will be sent home on Thursday that will let your kindergartener explore our computers at home. Computer use at home is not needed in kindergarten, but can be fun for children to show you what they can do! Later in the year, literacy bags will be sent home to supplement our in-class work.

Literacy and Phonics

As a class we are working on the letters in the alphabet and their corresponding sounds. We’re recognizing the sounds as we read, too!  We have begun splitting into groups, understanding that everyone is different. Practice saying the names of different objects in the house, and focusing on the first letter sound and what letters look like. Ask your child what the zoophonic body movement for a beginning letter is.

Social Studies

Our focus this week is why societies have rules. Why do we have rules in class? Why are there similar, but different rules on the playground? 

This week we celebrated Constitution Day and created a class contract based on the goals we have as a class. For example, we want to feel safe, heard, and happy in our classroom, according to a class meeting and poll. We’ve talked about how to do that. We’ve wrapped up our contract by using our signatures on a group-created document that shows our goals and desires for a classroom.

We’ve been practicing noticing if a friend is hurt accidentally, and realizing we should say sorry they are hurt. We’ve also recognized why rules are important to keep us safe.


This week we began exploring writing capital letters. Ask your child about Frog Jump Capitals that we’ve practiced. This is the first module in writing. We’re working on F, E, D, P, and more!


We’re practicing grouping objects into similar, but not exact categories. For example, things that go into the fridge or house. We’ve begun “feeding Bucky” the squirrel certain numbers of acorns in math center. Check out SeeSaw for updates of your child practicing counting and sorting.

Free and Reduced Lunch & Supplemental Food Programs.

If your family requires financial assistance with school meals and you would like to apply for free or reduced-price lunches please click the following link to fill out an online application: For more information about all supplemental food programs go to the district at the Complete Eats info site here.

Thank you for sharing your learners with me for another week! We’ve had a great one.