This week we have a few updates coming home in back packs today, please send them back tomorrow with signed field trip forms and read-a-thon information.  Our new class goal is to be productive! This includes moving from one subject’s work to another and how we spend our time while others are working. Ask your student if they feel that their work shows they have been productive. So many are!


We are allotted four volunteers for the field trip to Remlinger Farms October 22 (from 10:30 to 2:10 pm). If you would like to be one of the remaining three volunteers, please drop a line. All volunteers should have their background checks completed. Should we have an overabundance of volunteers we will have a lottery to determine who will accompany us. If any parent would like to visit Remlinger Farms with us, but not volunteer, please meet the class at Remlinger and pay the usual admittance fee to join us. Siblings are welcome.  I had to draw names, we had so many engaged families volunteer. An email is on your way to confirm. All families are welcome to join us at Remlinger Farm at 11 am, with regular admission. Our tour starts at 11:15. It looks like a rainy day, so be prepared. Please ensure your child brings a sack lunch October 22 to ensure your child has a lunch on the field trip.

We are Ms. Hogan’s PE Class of the Week! Congratulations to everyone in the classroom. You worked together to be safe, kind, and productive during PE!
Our class is eight Clark Shark coins away from a special day. We’ve been working as a class for a few weeks to be model Clark students that are a good example to others and only have a couple days left (I expect it to be reached next week). Our children chose costume day as their reward this time around, so think about anything that expresses a whimsical or school-appropriate dress-up for your little one. Do we have  some “parent-look-a-likes” among us? Maybe a teacher or an astronaut? It’s up to them! Please keep masks, weapons, and anything that can be lost or damaged at home when coming up with the costume your child would like to celebrate. This is a different from our school’s dress like a book character day.
Classroom Work
Today many in-class assignments are coming home. Typically we have 4 days to do 1-2 pages of tracing and saying words. This work can be done during morning time as we settle into class, during word-work time in our reading rotations, or when your child has completed the other work that other students are still finishing. We are Clark Sharks. As the school motto says, “We are safe; We are kind; We are productive.” As you look through your children’s paperwork a great conversation to have about productive use of time or what they do when they are done would be a great starting point. We have so many options in class, including centers and puzzles or reading for when we are done, but there is still an expectation that we complete the work in class. Finishing at home is unnecessary. Plenty of time was provided over the past few weeks, and we have had discussions about using our time wisely. Participation and making productive use of our time in class is what matters most as we practice being in school. We’re learning every day! 
Dress like a book character day! October 30
Students are encouraged to dress like their favorite book character. Please leave masks and weapons at home and join in the literary fun!
Highly Capable Program Screening for Kindergarten Students
Letters are coming home today to the families of all kindergarten students who are enrolled in the Issaquah School District. These letters detail the process that will be used to identify Issaquah’s “most highly capable” kindergarteners. Student testing will begin on November 5th.  Students who are identified as “most highly capable” will be invited to enter the Primary Enrichment Program (PEP) later in the school year.
The letter has also been posted on the Issaquah School District/Highly Capable website.
The test that will be used as the screening tool (CogAT level 7 Screener) will be administered in our classroom on November 5th with a make up later that week.
Veteran’s Day
Clark Elementary will be observing Veterans Day with a special ceremony to honor and thank all who have served in the US Armed Forces. This ceremony will be held on Thursday, November 7th from 9:40-10:20 in the Multi-Purpose Room at Clark. We wish to extend a special invitation to the veterans and those in active service who are family members or friends of our students. If you are, or know, a veteran or active service member who is interested in joining us as we honor their service, please contact your student’s teacher. Veterans and service members, please feel free to wear your uniform to the program.
If you would like to honor a veteran or active service member who is unable to attend, you can email a photo to be included in a slideshow that will be shown at the assembly. Please send the photo, name, and branch of the military to buderd@issaquah.wednet.edu
Photos must be received by Friday, November 1st.
SeeSaw Updates
I’ve been slow on the SeeSaw updates over the past week, as my iPad has been out of commission. Updates should start up again soon. We can’t wait to share our days with you!
If you need another invitation, please respond to this email. I’ll send one out this evening.
Thank you for your understanding as many communications happen this week. I appreciate your patience.