Happy Thursday! 
I hope you have been having a fun-filled week as the brisk fall weather moved in. This week we have been enjoying talking about the weather and observable changes in the environment. We’ve seen leaves fall quickly and the weather get cold, and darker shortly after school gets out, very fast. In math we have been noticing that when we add one we can create a set of steps that lead up to our 10 blocks with which we will start to talk about place value in following units. For now we are solidifying what happens when we add one more and counting to 10 in different configurations. We’re making a habit of following directions and ensuring that teachers understand what we know as learners.
We have been talking about feelings in class and how to get ourselves into the “green zone” for learning. We’ve also  talked about ways to calm down when we are upset or angry. We’ve read One and discussed not only the bullying we saw, but the ways that the different characters felt. In social studies we further explored the concepts of school rules to include ideas of fairness. Specifically, we are looking at how to maintain personal space in different situations. 
Today we had a small harvest time celebration. We talked about Diwali, Dia De Los Muertos ( focusing on remembering those we’ve lost) and the American tradition of Halloween as well and the changing season and harvest. Your child may bring home a pumpkin with the insides and jack-o-lantern represented, puppets made from clothespins or pencils, or a sugar skull coloring page. 
Tomorrow we have a short assembly to support our district’s focus bullying and its consequences. We look at how it feels to be bullied and explore how a bully may feel that causes this choice. We are  also doing a new show and tell paper tomorrow Your child is welcome to bring a small item that fits on their desk to write about. Each item should stay at school or in backpacks for a couple days, to allow the writers a chance to add more details the next day. I have some items at school if your child’s choice in writing subject is too important to keep at school over night.
Conferences will be held on December 4th and 5th this year. The window for signing up for conferences begins next week- Nov. 4th 9:00am until November 20th by 3:30pm.   After November 20th you will need to coordinate sign- ups or changes through me.   Once you have logged into family access you will need to click on the Teacher Conferences tab to sign up.  Directions with step-by-step screen shots are here & here in Spanish.  As many teachers run their conferences back to back. Please do NOT schedule back/back conferences if you have more than one student as you will not have time to get from one classroom to the next. I am looking forward to meeting with each of you!  
Upcoming Events:
Thursday, October 31st
Taproots assembly. We will watch a play about bullying and its effects on all parties.
Friday November 1st: 
Popcorn Friday! Children may bring their quarters to school to buy themselves a bag of popcorn. Remember that sharing food can cause difficulties for friends with dietary restrictions and allergies, so please remind your child that this treat is fun, but for themselves.
Reflections (PTA event)
Students can join many others in one of the largest and oldest arts education programs by creating an original work of art based on this year’s theme ofLook Within.  Art should be completed and submitted in one of the 6 available art categories – (1) Dance Choreography; (2) Film Production; (3) Literature; (4) Music Composition; (5) Photography; and (6) Visual Arts.  Download and completeREFLECTIONS APPLICATION HERE.
Nov. 5-7th Kindergarten Assessment  (CogAT).
Kindergarten CogAT assessments are next week. Please ensure your child has a filling breakfast and is on time for school. Although following directions and keeping a calm body and mind through the assessment are important, knowing that they are amazing kindergarteners learning everything we do in class at their personal pace is utmost! We are learning and stretching our minds every day in different ways.
Nov. 11th Veteran’s Day.
We do not have school this day. Please make alternate child care arrangements as needed.
Dec 4-5th Conferences.
As we are starting to show our learning mastery as well as beginning to learn more this month, the children are ready to share what they have been learning. The window for signing up for conferences begins next week- Nov. 4th 9:00am until November 20th by 3:30pm.  After November 20th you will need to coordinate sign- ups or changes through me.   
As always, thank you for your support and understanding. It brings such joy to spend time with your learners as they explore their first elementary year.
Have a wonderful Thursday,
Kari Ramadorai