Happy Thursday Kindergarten families!

Today we finished CogAT testing! Make-ups for students who arrived late or who were absent during this week’s tests will be tested tomorrow in the office. Please be sure that your child arrives at school on time and ready for the day. 

Math Updates

We are ending our Math Numbers 1-10 unit with an assessment on Friday! We have been writing the numbers 1-10, practicing checking ourselves on our number lines to be sure we aren’t reversing the numbers, and the concepts of “one more” and “one less.” Does your child remember the difference?

Monday we will begin our new math unit: shapes! We will look at basic two and three dimensional shapes and compare them. How do we know that a triangle is not a square? What is the difference between a cone and a cylinder? We’re going to find out! 

Tuesday will also begin math center rotations. So far this year we have learned math together in a large group and then had focused help. Centers and rotation will allow small group learning and give everyone a chance to try hands-on activities for longer sessions.

Writing and more!

The Show and Tell unit continues! We added details and labels to our pictures to be sure that we covered the really important parts of our favorite items. The most exciting news is that we started working with partners, practicing listening and giving feedback. Writing is hard work, and when we’re done we’ve just begun! We’re focusing on writing about a place and then diving into the details in drawings and “Brave Spelling” where we sound out words using what we know about letters.

Social Skills

We are wrapping up our skills for learning  unit by focusing on being assertive to ask for help when we need it and how to talk to ourselves to focus on the task at hand. Self talk is a developmentally appropriate strategy to help ourselves stay on task and follow direction. Over time self talk internalizes, but right now you may hear your child talk to themselves about what they are doing and what comes next. 

Reading Groups

Every day we have reading groups, but groups may not meet every day. Each child has a task for our reading time, and we have two teachers in the room ensuring that everyone stays on task. You can help out at home by reading at least 20 minutes a day with your child. Picture books have a higher vocabulary than many early reader books that children start to read by themselves. Take a moment to talk about the new words you see in books!  We’ve been practicing academic language in class, too. Feel free to use words like “notice” when looking at the world around you and, maybe, ask what your child “predicts” will happen when you try something new or change something in a recipe!


Have you practiced handwriting in the Handwriting Without Tears App? Studies show that tracing creates the muscle memory that allows children to make letters naturally. Let me know if you need a walk-through to use the app. I can put one together this weekend.

PhonicsWe’re on letter sounds and sight words this month! Along with reading words you see in the world around you with your child, try s-tr-e-tch-ing out those sounds to see how the words are put together. We have some songs we sing in class about words that don’t sound like they are spelled, but you can watch Jack Hartmann’s Sight Word YouTube videos at home, too! He works to make sight words easier for our youngest learners. He has a song for every word list we use in class! Health and ScienceWe’re moving from the weather to Earth science and talking about healthy food choices.

Veteran’s Day

Because we will not be in school on Monday to say thank you, today we had the Veteran’s Day assembly. So many children in our school were able to proudly share the stories of their family members who have been or are in service. Thank you veterans and current members of the armed forces!

Upcoming Events

Now: Conference signups through Family Access!

Now: 2nd graders are collecting food to donate to the Issaquah Food bank. Please bring your non-perishable food items, soaps, toothbrushes, and diapers in and 2nd grade will be glad to take them to the Food Bank.

Nov. 12-27 The PTA is collecting items from the family Wish Lists for the Gift Barn to share with children who wouldn’t otherwise have presents this winter. From clothes and books to games and wrapping paper, bring it to the office to share! 

Nov. 13 No School for students and staff. 

Nov. 14 Coffee with Christy. Talk with Principal Otley and get to know your school better.

Nov. 28-29 Thanksgiving Holiday, no school.

Scholastic Book Club

Wednesday, November  20th is the last day for November’s  Scholastic Book Club. Take a look! It is our chance to order before the winter holidays! 

Have a great night,

Kari Ramadorai