Dear Families,
I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing break, and are truly thankful that Ms. Marylin and I get to watch your child grow each day!  The weather is cold and the rain is coming! Please talk to your child about splashing in puddles. In our class many students have to take off their shoes in the afternoon and the nurse does not have clothing to change out we socks and pants. (Clothing donations to the health room are welcome. They are looking for boys’ pants and underwear for grades 3-5 and girls’ pants and underwear for K-2. Socks are needed.)
We had a math assessment of our 2D and 3D shapes. We started our new math unit. We’re focusing on things that are shorter, taller, heavier, and lighter while also practicing addition and subtraction, grouping and numerals to keep up our math facts.
Phonics, Reading and Writing:
We’re looking closely at the letters that come after the first letter in the word. The second letter might tell us the difference between a pig and a pug, it might help us alphabetize friends’ names, and the last letter can tell us if a friend is asking for a pat or a pal. Looking at each letter and saying the sound we know it makes will make us better readers.
We’re using our reading goals to help motivation when reading leveled books doesn’t feel interesting. Want to be a firefighter? We have to know how to get to the fire. That takes reading! Looking forward to a veterinary career? Reading will help! Read the signs and packages around you with your child to practice reading at home. Sound them out together!
We had an end-of-quarter writing self-assessment against the rubric that the children’s writing is assessed for their report cards. This allowed children to see if they were using letters, writing on the same topic across pages, putting spaces between words, and other important writing conventions.
Social Emotional Learning:
This week we continued talking about sharing and how to work with people in groups. We strategized ways that we could share and found that sometimes people will not want to play if we can’t find ways to share. We can take turns, trade, and practiced saying, “Can I play next?” or how to suggest trades. In class we can make a list and use a timer, give other students part of the materials, and we always have to clean up the work we are doing. Though we talk about it often, this was the first week that student who habitually do not clean up their work were asked to use different free play materials the next day. It surprised them! Cleaning up our shared space is part of sharing our space! At home children can clean up their toys, clothes, and jackets to help share their space.
Staying Connected:
·         On Seesaw: I’m updating SeeSaw this weekend with a couple projects from this month that haven’t made it online. We’ll see an art project up soon!
·         Ask your child about:
  Are you feeling prepared for leading your conference? What do you want to share? Can adults help you to feel more prepared?
·         What are you most proud of that was safe, kind, or productive?
·         Student Led Conferences: Don’t forget to be on time for conferences and to bring your child with you! Students are working hard on reflecting about their performance, setting goals for the future, and sharing what they have learned. I look at this as a way to celebrate the triumphs and answer your questions.
·         In This Week’s Folder: In your child’s folder you will find a book similar to ones we read for our leveled reading groups. This is great practice over the coming week. There’s a fun word work exercise and a sight word key ring. To use the key ring, children can tell you the word, write it, spell it, take three words off the ring and find the one you ask for or turn them over and search for one word in the ones that they pick up.
Upcoming Events:
·         Market Day:  Wednesday December 11th the fifth grade sells items they created for your children to have a chance to buy presents. It is not a required event, but is an opportunity that day.
·         Holiday Gift Barn – *Tree up near PTA Office*
Help families in our community through giving and sharing of gifts for children from birth to 18 years old.  All gifts can be dropped at the Clark PTA office from November 12 – 27.  See the wishlist for gifts HERE.  Please do not gift wrap presents and all gifts should be brand new.  Gift wrap and supplies are also appreciated.  Contact for questions.
·         Gingerbread House Night – Fri, Dec 6th 6-8PM
Please join us for a night of fun and architecture. Gingerbread Houses and Pizza are now available for preorder here: and MUST BE PREORDERED before Monday, Dec 3rd.  Houses are $11 for PTA members | $13 for non-members. Pizza is $3 per slice (includes water). Hope to see you all there!
Upcoming Dates:
November 28th– 29th                   No School-Thanksgiving Break
Monday December 2nd               Report Cards go live in Family access 
December 4th and 5th                Student Led Conferences- No School for Students
Friday December 6th                  Gingerbread House Night 6-8pm
                                                    Popcorn Friday
December 11th                               Market Day
December 20th                              Recess with kids
December 23-Jan. 3rd                  Winter break