Dear Families,

I hope you have an absolutely relaxing and restful break. I wish each of you quality time to spend with your families! Thank you for all the love students have shown. I’m honored to be a small part of your child’s life! Please enjoy the break-we can’t wait to get into new learning in 2020. We are rescheduling the field trip, starting new science units, and learning to write narratives and how-to books!

Before you come back, Ms. Marylin and I put a packet into each students’ blue folder. Reading with your child is far more important than doing any worksheets! These are for keeping up with what we learned this quarter and are not mandatory. IF you choose to do the sheets, your child may need instructions read to them, and they should be done over the course of two weeks. We have included a blank book for writing practice, too.

Zearn has been turned on for all students in anticipation of continuing our digital learning series. So far we’ve been reading our writing into SeeSaw. Most of thses stories are stories or the “all about books,” science research reports.

Thank you so much for starting your school days in my classroom. It’s been a wonderful journey so far!

Your friend always,

Ms. Kari Ramadorai