Welcome back, families!

We have been re-establishing our expected behaviors for different times of the day and different places in the school. For example, in carpet time, we count the calendar and keep conversation to turn-and-talk times. In transitions we can head to the bathroom or talk quietly with friends, so long as we’re on our way to the next station. 

Thank you for practicing reading and allowing your child to read aloud to you at home. The practice shows in everything they do!

In writing we are meeting the current expectation that everyone will do their best to stretch out words and write the sounds (letters) we hear in those words. Purple might be spelled prpl, volcano can be spelled vlkano, and people may be spelled pepl, but we’ve been brave writers and done our pest to put a full sentence onto every page. If our students are more advanced readers, we’re practicing focusing on writing three to four sentences per page and choosing the paper we want to write with for a larger or smaller picture depending on how large a story we want to write. Every child should be writing stories with a beginning, middle, and end, as we’ve been practicing writing a full story for a couple months.  

In math we are moving another step closer to fist grade with sprints. Right now we’re practicing the mechanics of receiving the sprint and keeping the paper face-down with our names on it instead of immediately answering questions. We’re learning to self-correct without changing answers and to challenge ourselves by trying to do better than our last attempt. Right now the sprints revolve around counting between 1-10 as a speed challenge. The current math unit is moving from comparing amounts to making “number sentences” like 2+3=5. As the children move away from physically counting to abstract reasoning, I am so glad to see so many in our class have logged into Zearn through their Clever accounts at home and have practiced over our unexpected break. Along with practicing our computer use and Technology skills, the computer adds a layer of abstraction between physical counting and the equations we’re going to make!

The Bilingual class is sponsoring Kindness Day at school, so we’re talking about peaceful problem resolution and kindness as we approach Martin Luther King Junior Day. We’ll briefly touch on history with an emphasis on treating all people with respect and respecting ourselves. Today we learned about marches and sit-ins rather than violence as a way to express ourselves when the words we are using are not working to effect change. We talked about different ways to dream – some dreams have stories in them and some dreams are hopes. We also spent a moment learning to clam, center and respect ourselves. We talk a lot of treating other people with respect, but we also need to listen to our bodies and take a moment when we feel overwhelmed or sad. We can remember to breathe, remember to draw a picture, or think happy thoughts or really think about what we are feeling when we say or do something that we may regret. We can do the same when we feel blue. We each deserve the same respect we give others, and that might take a deep breath before we speak or forgiving our own mistakes. We can someone’s bucket by helping out or doing your best; it makes you feel good too! Let your child help out and spread kindness!

Keep an eye on the school website and Flash Alerts to keep on top of weather-related school schedule changes. The District and school websites will post information by 6:30 a.m. If you haven’t, please take a moment to locate your Emergency Transportation Bulletin (ETB) that was mailed out in October or access the ETB online. Use SNOW E-Link to find your emergency snow route and become familiar with program changes due to delays and closures. For more information please click here.

There are many events in the coming weeks. 
Friday January 17th                  Coffee with Christy – chat to our principal
Monday January 20th               No School- MLK Day
Tuesday January 21st               Library Class – please bring your book
Friday January 24th                  Art class – please wear clothing that can get dirty
Sharks on Ice                             – 6:10-7:20 at SnoKing. $10/skater. 
Monday January 27th               No School- Non Student Day
Tuesday January 28th              Library Class. Please bring your book
February 17th -21st                  No School –Mid Winter Break
More snow is scheduled for tonight. Keep an eye on the school website, and please stay safe and warm.
Your friend,
Ms. Ramadorai