Dear Families,

We are starting to move from how to think about grouping numbers into abstractly working with “number sentences,” addition and subtraction problems. We’re writing “how to” books to teach something that we know. Some children wrote how to cook or how to walk home from the school. Maybe something you do together at home will be a good instruction manual for classmates; share ideas with your child! We’ve talked about the layers of the earth and uses for rocks.

Beginning this week Ms. Massey, our school counselor, will begin short social lessons. These lessons target tolerance and compassion for people different from ourselves, asking to enter a group at play, sharing, how to handle unkind words, and how to control our own feelings when talking to people. In our Second Step curriculum we already focus on compassion and already practice some sentences like, “That was an accident. I’m sorry,” or, “What you said hurt my feelings.” Ms. Massey’s lessons are meant to give kindergarteners extra practice with these skills and to add a dedicated time to model and try out the phrases and ideas we adults take for granted in our daily lives.

 Valentines/Friendship Day:

We will be exchanging cards in class, but our building snack policy is specific and will be sent home in the coming weeks from the school itself. In the kindergarten community, we’re also asking that items brought into our classroom support our diverse communities’ dietary needs and we will send home anything edible in backpacks to allow families to make their own choices. Let me know via email or child-delivery if valentines’ cards are a hardship for your family. I’ll ensure that everyone can participate fully and the school can provide materials to make cards. There are 19 students in our class. A printed list will come home this Thursday.

I anticipate 2-3 half days with substitutes this month based on the district rescheduling meetings and training from last month. I’ll let the children know ahead of time which days so they can be prepared for a visitor.

Dates to watch:
Fri Feb 7 – Art class (dress for clay play) & Popcorn Friday
Fri Feb 14 – Friendship day rotations (building snack policy coming soon)
Feb17 -21 – Presidents day and Mid Winter Break – No School
Fri Feb 28 – Art class (dress for clay glazing)

Wishing you a warm Superbowl Sunday,

Kari Ramadorai