Dear Families,
We’ve had a great week, full of fun and anticipation of today’s card exchange. This afternoon’s purposeful play included mathematically themed art, the card exchange, and building opportunities. Every day our class plays educational, cooperative card and board games and build with group ideas. We plan our play, choose something different while waiting for a turn, and to share with both favorite friends and someone each child may not play with every day.
Thank you for your donations! So many children at Clark and in our community will benefit from your generosity this winter break.
In math we’ve been making number bonds! Ask your child to look for number bonds in life. At the beginning of the week we used  physical objects, then dots on paper, and finally moving to written numbers. We practiced sprints again, trying to beat our own records and then grading ourselves fairly. Each child is only in competition with themselves, and the practice is to remain fluent in numbers and practicing for the quick fluency warm-ups done in other grades.
The children have created such wonderful “How To” books! Blue folders are filled with their first practices, and the progression as they work on the How To concept as a class. Their amazing instructions on how to do something they know: Make a Butterfly, Dance, Brush Teeth, and so much more!
We’re practicing different sounds in phonics and reading: -ing words for some groups, and solidifying the long vowel sounds like we hear in make, note, and poke. Some reading groups are separating the ch and sh word spelling this week.
Check SeeSaw for your child’s personal updates. Children can log into their Clever account over the holiday! It’s a great way to keep up with reading and math and learn more about our world in Brain Pop Jr. Reach out if you need help logging in or if the password needs reset.
Upcoming Dates:
February 17-21 No School – Midwinter break
Tues Feb 25 Library day! Be sure to have your book
Wed Feb 26 – Crazy sock day! Student Council sponsored event!
Thurs Feb 27 – Clay Glazing art. Dress for painting J
Tues March 3 – Library visit. Bring your books
Friday March 6 – Popcorn Friday
Thank you all for sharing your children’s learning time with me. It has been my pleasure to help them explore their ideas.
Warm wishes,
Kari Ramadorai