We have had a lot of changes in the past couple weeks! I hope you are healthy and happy with your families now. I miss seeing everyone so much! I’ll bet that the children miss friends, too. Attached you’ll find our Choice Board for this week. Everything on the board is optional, but try to read together, keep up your counting and adding practice, and keep in touch with friends from school. Try to start in the corners and see what else you can do!
Please take a moment to access Seesaw through your child’s Clever account to let them leave messages for each other. We’ve practiced this in our digital citizenship lessons along with respecting our devices and logging in. If you need any help, please let me know! I’m so glad to lend a hand.
Speaking of devices, we have been given access to two new apps. I’d like to introduce you to Happy Numbers and Head Sprout. Both are in the Clever account main screen when you scroll down. Both will ask for a 20-30 minute placement exam to get your child into just their just-right learning path. These apps are being used by all kindergartens in our school, and will be able to keep your child’s skills sharp over our closure.
  • Happy Numbers follows our Eureka math curriculum closely and some find it more engaging than Zearn.
  • Head Sprout is a reading and phonics app that helps retain all those individual lessons we had last quarter. Click the link and enter your child’s first name (or nickname your child goes by in class) and choose duck and rabbit as your password. I’m glad to send you an individual log in card! Just drop a line.
Please take a look at the District Closure Support page if you need meals, a laptop or internet access, childcare, crisis support or other if you have other needs that can be addressed.
We have so many emails coming through from the school right now, and I want to let you know that I know it’s overwhelming to sift through all that information. I’ll send out links lists Friday afternoon with information the Kindergarten teachers at Clark collect over the week. It will look like this:
Wishing you health and happiness,
Kari Ramadorai