How are you doing? Did you get out in the sunshine one those amazingly bright days last week?  Attached you will find this week’s choice board. We’re covering reading and math, science and friendly games like Top-It (split a deck of cards and turn them over one-by-one – the person with the highest number wins). So much of what kindergarteners learn are social skills and community. I’m so glad that they have  you and can talk to friends on Seesaw!
There’s more to being part of a community than we think about at first glance. In our classroom community, everyone has a job: librarian, lunch wagon helper, bin tidy-er, etc. Every one of the children in our class is amazingly kind, capable, and helpful. I’ve attached the Chores for Kindergarteners hand out from Meet the Teacher night, if some ideas for brain-development promoting (and community responsibility building) would be helpful for your family.
Reading group-specific recommended activities will be sent out to your children’s Seesaw account this week, so please take a moment to check that your child can log in through their own Clever account. I’ve attached a graphic for logging into Seesaw. For your child to post to friends or go to Headsprout or Happy Numbers, please log out of your Seesaw account and log in through your child’s Clever Account.  These activities are optional and will not be graded, but getting a little extra practice if your family can do it would help keep up your child’s reading skills.We also have PebbleGo and other reading resources through Clever, so please let me know if you need help logging in. I’ll help ASAP! If you need a device or internet access, please contact the district through The Issaquah School District Supports Page. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, Ms. Marylin sent a message to our classroom in Seesaw – and she invited a special guest! I know I was excited to see them!
Thank you again for your flexibility and sense of community during this time. You’re rock stars! 
Looking forward to talking with you soon,
Kari Ramadorai