Happy Monday,
Can I start by saying what an amazing job you are doing? You’ve taken on a lot these past few weeks! I really appreciate your flexibility and willingness to try new things while we work out what online learning will look like. Thank you so much to all the children and parents who were able to stop in and say hi during online (zoom) office hours this week. It was so amazing to see all of you! We’re practicing now, but I can’t tell you how great it makes me feel about our online learning going forward.
  • It’s time to look at our weekly choice board! It’s attached to this email, but you can also check out our class website (http://kari.ramadorai.net/) for our choice board and links for subject-specific practice at home.
  • Our specialists put together all their updates on this handy website  (https://sway.office.com/m92eMtDSBleo76Ci?ref=Link).
  • If you have a chance, check out Ms. Wride’s Caregiver and child Play Based Social Emotional Resources (http://clarkpbses.weebly.com/covid.html).
  • Ms. Massey and Ms. Wride have put together great family centered offline activities to practice mindfulness and maintain wellness (https://www.smore.com/zye1f)
  • Have you heard?! ISD students will have “Essential New Learning” (ENLs) coming soon! All learning activities to this point have been optional review work. Starting on April 20th, ISD will be transitioning into Essential New Learnings. This means that teachers will begin to provide online instruction to teach the most essentials skills, concepts, and content for subject areas.  We are so excited to begin this work that will best prepare your child for first grade!  In kindergarten, the target will be 45 minutes of daily active student engagement. We are slowly receiving more details about exactly what this will look and exploring new ways of providing engaging instruction outside our classroom walls. We are happy about what ISD is putting together and excited to hear more details as they become available.  Thank you so much for your patience, support, and flexibility!
The district is still working on distributing laptops and hotspots to families who request them. If there are any barriers that might making learning at home a challenge, please reach out and we will do our best to ensure a smooth transition into this new way of learning.  For example, if you need a device for your child to connect to the internet on, or if you need help getting internet access, please contact our district ASAP. They’re so dedicated to making sure that each and every child can continue learning from home.
Please be sure your child can log into Clever and use it to reach apps like Seesaw and Zearn. I’ve begun sending supplementary learning through Epic and Brain Pop Jr. through Clever to extend individual investigations and for different reading groups, so be sure that your child can get into their own account. Assignments will be ENL (and graded) after spring break, so it’s really important that each child can access their account. If you need help logging in or have questions about using app, send me an email!
A quick thought about logging in: remove saved passwords for parent access to Seesaw (or other apps we use at school) and use the Clever portal as your login instead to be sure your child is in their account instead of a parent account. If you have more than one child in your home, be sure they log out when finished and the next child logs in as themselves to ensure everyone is in their own account and not a sibling’s Clever, Zearn, etc.
We got word that ISD has purchased “Lexia” accounts for all students! It is a research-proven reading program that collects student performance data during online activities. Lots of Clark students already use this for individual cases, but now we can all access it! I love that all students will receive individualized instruction in Lexia. I can’t wait to see their data reports – they will be very helpful in guiding my online instruction! Please look for an email coming this week with more information and how to have your child take the Lexia placement test! If you have 10-15 minutes a day on a reading app, Lexia is the best choice.
In the meantime, please let me know how I can support your child and family as we transition into ENLs on April 20th. Parent feedback has been very helpful in guiding this transition – I am truly thankful for all of the questions, comments, and concerns I receive.  Everyone at Clark knows that parents are taking on a lot right now, and we are extremely grateful for all that you do.
Wishing you all the best and hoping your family is happy and healthy,
Kari Ramadorai