Happy Friday families,
Spring break has been so nice, with the sunshine and relaxed pace! I’m counting the days until we “meet” back up online! In each weekly email you’ll find this week’s Essential New Learnings that our district’s hardworking Instructional coaches and curriculum specialists have identified as the core of what our kindergarteners will need to know before moving into first grade. You’ve been doing such an amazing job with every one of your children during this break and the supplemental activities before! Your support and help with all these processes is what is making it work. I just know that this is going to be an excellent experience as we start moving forward.
Each day our children will learn for 45 minutes. Lessons will come to your child’s Seesaw account under the “Activities” tab. These lessons are required and short, never more than 7 minutes in video with the remaining in practicing the lesson’s goal and sending in their assignment on Seesaw. Reading, Math, and Writing are required lessons that will be graded. Other lessons, like Social Studies extensions and art are also available each week.
Please log into Lexia and have your child complete their assessment if you haven’t done so already. This will ensure that reading group work is geared toward where your child is now. If your child needs help with the way to answer a question, please help them figure out how to answer the questions without providing an answer for them. Allow them to try their best on their own to be sure the school has an accurate picture of where your child is reading. Lexia, like Zearn and Happy Numbers in math, will be identifying where your child excels and should celebrate and where she or he needs some support. If a child receives too much help, they will be placed at a reading level that may cause confusion, or worse: they may not enjoy reading.
In addition to daily lessons in Seesaw’s activities, we’ll have an Optional Monday Morning Class Meeting for Students : 10 am – 10:30. We’ll hold our regular Monday morning meetings to keep our community. Time is limited and there is a set schedule to our meeting, just like our classroom meetings. Children can raise their hands to speak on topic, but with so many we do keep all but the current speaker muted. I’ll open the meeting 5 minutes early to  be sure we can start on time. (For safety reasons, please email for the link.)
Office hours for parents:
I’ll have a zoom line open to talk with parents directly, and will answer emails within an hour of receiving them during these times:
Tuesdays: 9-9:30 (for safety reasons, please email for the link)
Thursdays: 4-4:30 (for safety reasons, please email for the link).
Because these are office hours, I will not have planned curriculum or host picture book readings during this time in order to be available to answer or respond to parents.
There will be a LOT of new and important learning happening this first week while we set up our learning environments and get used to using Seesaw for daily work. Your child may need a little extra support. Don’t worry, they are great with technology and learn new systems really quickly.
Along with the new learning, you’ll find a sample schedule and some suggestions in our attachment. Take a look!
I’m so excited to start this new style of school with everyone! See you online soon!
Your friend,
Kari Ramadorai
PS: A quick reminder from Issaquah School District:
Remote Learning and Responsible Use
Dear Families,
As we continue our journey in remote teaching and learning from home, your student may be using both new and familiar technology-based tools and resources. For new learning to be most successful it will be important for students stay focused on learning and act responsibly during remote learning activities.
Now would be a great time to review with your student the District’s Responsible Use Agreement that you signed in the fall. This agreement spells out the ways your student should use technology to be safe and productive in their learning.
The Responsible Use Agreement applies to digital technologies, tools and learning environments established by the school or accessed using school owned networks or systems including (although not limited to):
· School owned devices (e.g. desktops, laptops, printers, scanners)
• Mobile phones
• Email and instant messaging
• Internet and Intranet
• Social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, SuperClubsPLUS)
• Video and photo sharing websites (e.g. Picasa, YouTube)
• Blogs
• Micro-blogs (e.g. Twitter)
• Forums, discussion boards and groups (e.g. Google groups, Whirlpool)
• Wikis (e.g. Wikipedia)
• Vod and podcasts
• Video conferences and web conferences
The Responsible Use Agreement applies any time a student is engaged in remote learning activities.
The Responsible Use Agreement might also apply when using any of the above digital technologies at home, during school excursions and extra-curricular activities depending on the school-related nature of use.
In addition, please be aware that some of the District approved programs span grades K-12. Some of these programs may contain information on topics that while appropriate for secondary students, may not necessarily be appropriate for elementary students.
Thank you for your support for making remote learning as effective and as positive an experience for your student as possible.