Dear Families,

I hope you’ve gotten out into this amazing weekend weather! With the parks opening again, take a moment to enjoy the days (socially distanced of course)!

I want to take a moment to appreciate your work during this distance learning kindergarten year: setting routines, supporting lessons and providing structure, sharing your at-home learning on Seesaw. Even if you started small, I see every project and lesson your child worked on, and I really appreciate the effort you’re putting in every day!

You’ll find this week’s Essential New Learnings (ENL) here. Last week’s writing wrap up is still being put together, and we’re starting a new unit this week: opinion writing. In math we’re putting addition and subtraction (decomposing) together – this can be tricky! Help your child watch the signs in the number sentences. In reading we’ll be focusing on noticing new information in books and recognizing that we’re learning from non-fiction. As always, if you are looking for more learning experiences for your little one, take a tour around the class website, our specialists’ weekly update, the ENL extras, or try the optional activities in Seesaw!

Thanks again for all your kind words and help these past few weeks. We’re really getting in a groove, and it’s all thanks to you!

Send me a note or call for office hours and zoom sessions 🙂 They come to you through Skyward, but, as a parent, I know how much email you get a week! (I’m sorry; it’s not safe to post them on the internet.)

Warmest wishes,

Kari Ramaodrai