Dear Families,
Can you believe we are already heading into our 5th week of essential new learning?  These last few weeks will go by quickly! I am extremely thankful for your commitment and support! Thanks to you, the children in our class know the value of their education and they keep on trying, even when learning online!
This week’s essential new learnings are attached, or you can download them here;
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Writing: One of the most important things to guide your child to do is their best spelling. In Kindergarten, we’re not focused on if they spell the word correctly or not, rather we want them to put all of the sounds they hear on their paper.  Supporting them in using capital and lowercase letters, finger spaces, as well as punctuation can be a great way to work alongside them.

Reading: Read. Read. Read! When students get stuck, use the strategies we shared in class to help guide them (videos are on our class website). Model good reading habits is going to show them that you value reading as well.

Math: Appropriate supports would be helping the student understand the directions of the assignment and asking students to check over their work if you notice errors. If they are still making errors after checking their work, you can have them re-watch the video or you can offer support in guiding them to solve their errors without explicitly telling them the “right” answer.

Levels of Support.

 If you are providing high levels of support, please indicate that somewhere on the assignment.

Low: Acquiring tools, getting technology set up, helping to read or understand directions

Medium: Noticing that there is an error, using questions to help the student see & fix the error.

High: Re-teaching the concept, explicitly pointing out an error, giving several reminders, “telling” the student the answer*

*Remember, we want to know what students can do independently. Explicitly telling students the answers can actually be a detriment to learning. We want students to focus more on their metacognitive (thinking about thinking) and problem-solving skills. Modeling mistake making and how to solve problems is a GREAT way to support your child. 

Teaching tip: Let’s celebrate effort and progress! Reinforce positive attitudes and try to give five specific positive praises for each specific item that needs fixed (this can be over the course of a learning day. Here are some things you could say to your child

  • Tell your child that you notice how hard they’re working, especially when they are persisting in challenging tasks or they are unhappy with the outcome, but kept at it.
  • Notice and celebrate improvements in work quality and accuracy.
Optional Monday meetings are from 9-9:30
It’s a chance for children to see each other and to sing our morning songs together – maybe hear a story and talk about it!
If I can do anything to support you let me know. I’ll do it or get you in touch with someone who can help! Office hours are when I’ll be able to respond to anything you need as fast as possible on email or in person in zoom sessions. They are at:
From the PTA:
2020-2021 PTA Nominations

The 2020 Clark PTA Nominating Committee hereby place the following names in nomination: 

President – Erin Eaton
Vice President – Amber Thomas
Treasurer – Betsy Grant
Secretary – Krissy Downs

Voting is at the General Membership Meeting on June 11 @ 6:30 PM. 

Order Yearbooks Now for the 2019-2020 School Year!

We are working to make Yearbooks happen for the 2019-2020 school year.  If you haven’t yet ordered a yearbook, you have until June 1st for $24/yearbook. 

Thank you again for everything you are doing. You’re the reason all of this can happen online!
Be well,
Kari Ramadorai