Happy June!

The Seesaw class has been doing so much thinking and so much creating! I’m impressed every day with the work they’re turning in. All that great focus, math, and writing wouldn’t be possible without all of your hard work every day. On top of scholars, you’re raising such amazing people! I’m trying to keep this email short, but there are so many different emails to put together in one place.

Our new Essential New Learning is here. We’re starting to wind down for the year, so we started our last opinion book for the unit. You can download the kindergarten opinion writing checklist here. (It’s from our class site.) This checklist is what I’m looking at when grading, and it’s part of one of our lessons next week.  No need to download it, though, it’s in our lesson’s add response area, too.

Speaking of grading, as I look at student work, I’m grading and recording participation on the weekly schedule.  The writing is cumulative so students should engage in those tasks.  At times, I will be marking must do’s and can do’s (optional activities), just like we do in class. But to know if your child is meeting targets that the state and district determined are necessary to enter 1st grade, if you chose to learn at home without the school’s lessons please email pictures of those same learning targets sent home every week in the Essential New Learning.

Looking forward to summer, Lexia is a proven program for reading. Keep up with it over the summer! It’s also going to be available next year!

I wanted to reach out and remind you that kindergarten’s personal item pick-up time is Tuesday, June 16th from 9:30-11 am at Clark Elementary (please see attached information for more details). I will be there to wave and say goodbye to students from a distance during pick-up, but I’ll be following social distance standards for everyone’s safety. Please also have your student take a look inside their belongings bag for a little something from me to start their summer.

Office hours: If I can do anything to support our amazing class parents or help you get ready for summer let me know. I’ll do it or get you in touch with someone who can help! Office hours are when I’ll be able to respond to anything you need as fast as possible on email or in person in zoom sessions. They are at:

Tuesday 9-9:30:  Contact me for zoom link

Thursday 4-4:30: contact me for zoom link

Optional Monday Class Zoom: It’s a chance for children to see each other and to sing our morning songs together – maybe hear a story and talk about it!

Monday meetings are from 9-9:30

PTA sponsored 2020-2021 SCHOOL SUPPLIES

School supply kits are available for ordering now through June 14. CLICK HERE and enter code CLA205. We are working under the assumption that we will be going back to school in the fall. If that does not happen, we will communicate how to pick up or receive the school supplies ordered.


Resources shared this week:

Specialists update filled with activities: https://sway.office.com/kSoHswez9wzBobny?ref=Link


National Geographic Family: Talking to Kids about Race

Parent Toolkit: How to Talk to Kids about Race and Racism

Upcoming dates:

June 11 – 6:30 pm on zoom: vote for the PTA. Contact the PTA for the Zoom link.
June 16 – 9:30-11 am Pick up personal items from school
June 23-25 – 9am-3pm return laptops/hotspots checked out from the district

I look forward to celebrating the year these last couple of weeks with the students online through some end of year activities.  Remember, if you only have time for one online learning platform, make it Lexia.

Keep dry this weekend!

All the best,

Kari Ramadorai