I can’t believe the school year is winding down! What a first year your children had! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to teach your kiddos, and even more importantly, thank you for being there to teach at home when our school year changed dramatically. You’ve made this year work, and it wouldn’t have worked without you. This week’s (last) Essential New Learnings are here.

As we move from our current normal to leaving online school work for the summer, you may see behavior changes. High emotions are normal any time we change routine. Please help your children plan out a new routine. Some really great questions this weekend may help while you plan out your next few months.

  1. Lexia will continue to be available all summer. It’s such a great resource and going to keep your child on track for 1st grade, so please take advantage of it and try for those Lexia minutes each week. It’s proven to help and will be used in school next year, too!
  2. All apps through Seesaw will be available through mid-July. Many apps have parent-subscription options, if your child has a favorite that they cannot live without. Free online learning options include Kahn Academy Kids and so many amazing King County library options. Every elementary school child in our county can read, learn and more through the online site until the library is open again.
  3. Personal Items (including medication and Yearbooks) will be in your child’s bag at the June 16th (Tuesday) 9:30-11 am pick up. Drive though the circle near the community center. If you absolutely cannot be there at that time, Monday, June 22nd between 1-3:30 pm , staff members at school will be able to help you. There’s a gift for each child in the bag, so please stop in to collect them!
  4. Please return library books when you pick up your child’s belongings. I returned everything I found in desks, but our class still has MANY books out. There is a Library Drop Box at the front door of the school Monday -Friday from 6:30 am – 7:00pm. If you can only make it to the school when you pick up your child’s belongings on Tuesday, you can bring the library books at that time.
  5. If you ordered school supplies for next year, they will be waiting in your child’s new classroom next September.


Let me know if I missed your question! I’ll be happy to answer or direct you to the person who can help you best.

Please let your children know that I consider them “my people.” Even after the school year ends, if you see me, say ‘hi!’ I’m so glad to hear about all the adventures in your lives.

All the best,

Kari Ramadorai