Homework Help

Everyone wants to help their child with homework. Watching your child struggle with homework is hard. Some of the struggle might be the need to create a homework routine that will help remind students to work without distractions. Part of it might be that the child was distracted during a lesson and missed the explanation. Whatever the cause, parents can help.

  • Set a time and space aside to focus on homework.
  • Help with the concepts, but let children work through the problems.
  • When in doubt, contact your teacher for help.

Doing homework is a skill elementary students learn along with getting along with classmates and how to play sports. Practice will make it easier, and the study skills you can share will help. As the children practice, it’s better to lay a good foundation for later years than to painfully push through an assignment.

Current Students

Ms. Ramadorai’s current kindergarten students, please check out these links for what we are learning now:

Eureka Math

Eureka math offers help to parents who grew up learning math a different way. Eureka started as Engage New York Math. The curriculum grew and became the Eureka math we see in Issaquah School District today. There are two ways to learn the Eureka math Briarwood’s students learn. Learn through Kahn Academy or go to the Engage New York family resources page.

The following databases are safe to be used for research by students. A district provided log-in is often required. The King County Libary System also has many useful and important databases for student research, and asks for a library card number and password to access the subscription databases.

CultureGrams provides local perspectives on more than 200 countries, including daily life, history, customs, and lifestyles, video clips and slideshows, recipes, and create-your-own data tables and charts. Log in with your Clever account.

The Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus  includes a spelling-help feature and easy searching

For a global perspective in fifth grade and up, Issaquah School District reccomends World at War. Log in with a public library barcode.

The links below lead to websites that can help with homework, practicing skills, or research. While many are free, some require signing up, and other sites have membership fees. Look at the description to see what works best for your child’s homework and skills practice.




Biblionasium –A reading community for children, this site bills itself as the GoodReads for kids.

Word Dynamo –   An app that uses word games, vocabulary tools, a listening skill building section and flashcards to build stamina and vocabulary.

Spelling City – An online site to build vocabulary and reading comprehension. Try for free with four spelling words, requires membership.

Flocabulary –  A fabulous resource that combines music elementary students want to hear with topics from vocabulary to social studies. Many free samples on their YouTube link, and most songs will play the first minute for free.

NanoWriMo for Kids – An online writing community especially for young writers. Children can encourage one another and read stories from others. They can write on the site and save their drafts to share or to keep to themselves. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month with a challenge every November, but the site is available year round. 

Social Studies

IXL Social Studies– An online membership site with interactive lessons devided by grade level.

Where is Carmen SanDiego? – A free Google Maps game where you track down the crimnal. Good luck, Gumshoe!

Teaching Tolerance– History and lessons for communication and community. 

Stanford History Education -a great, trusted resource for our 5th grades to explore history and historical context.

Library of Congress – First hand documents (primary sources) and history lessons for research and 5th grade students epxlorations.

Historical Thinking Matters

National Archives– Primary sources and a trusted resource dedicated to teaching Americans about history.

Crash Course on Youtube– Fast and fun breakdowns of history and science. These short lessons are entertaining and geared toward 5th grade and up.

Teaching History – Resources for teachers and parents to talk about our history with children.



Science on Kahn Academy– Khan Academy teaches science and more. Videos are free but saving your learning progress and quizes require logging in. Learn about any kind of science from geology to optical physics. My fifth grader learned Stoichometry through the videos on this site.

DK FindOut! –From the DK publishing company that brings so many books to our shelves, DK Find Out! is a great place to learn about many subjects, but science is a specialty here.

Brains On! PodcastBrains On! is a science podcast produced by Minnesota Public Radio with a grant from the National Science Foundation. It talks about science mysteries with children and expert scientists.

PBS Design Squad– The PBS Kids Design Squad has videos and ideas. There are safe places to share your creations and where you can help design projects for other students. The videos are free, but some options ask visitors to create an account and signing in to share.

NASA’s JPL online– NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, or JPL, is in California. That’s where the Mars Rovers and Juno missions were built! Learn from NASA JPL online through this link.

Smithsonian Air & Space– The National Air and Space Museum shares the history of space exploration.

ALMA Space Science –ALMA Kids (the Atacama Large Millimeter Array) has pictures never recorded anywhere else. Their website is trusted updated regularly. This website is in Spanish, Mandarin, and English.

Science 360 videos – A collection of science videos from the United States government’s Science 360  has all topics and comes from universities and researchers around the country. Many are made for students, but all are interesting. 

Optics for Kids –The special physics in light is shared in amazing videos and activities at Optics 4 Kids. There is even information about careers, if you enjoy the videos.

Rader’s Chem for Kids– Rader’s Chem4Kids! explores elements, atoms, reactions, and biochemistry. It’s trusted by the American Library Association’s Association for Library Service to Children and completely free.

US Geological Survey– The United States Geological Survey’s website for children interested in learning more about earthquakes and plate tectonics shares videos, games, and career advice.

Brain Pop – young science– BrainPop Jr. has videos and games for students to play. It’s a subscription service, but there is a free option. This site is endorsed by Issaquah School District.

American Natural History– The latest video and articles about dinosaurs, the creatures they lived with, and their environments are at the American Museum of Natural History Dinosaurs.

Mystery Doug – a science question is answered every week. This link is to the Mystery Doug Youtube site, as the home site is geared twoard teachers with a sign up. These videos are great, short science eplinations.

KidsHealth Bilingual –Kids Health from Nemours has articles about the human body in Spanish and English. Find answers to your questions here.

National Aquarium– The National Aquarium  has online tours, web cams with animals, and information about animals. They are accredited by the National Zoo and Aquarium association and the site is approved for children by the American Library Association’s Association for Library Service to Children.

California Academy of Sciences –The California Academy of Sciences webcams let you watch animals all over the planet. Accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, the California Academy of Sciences is an education leader doing research on site.


 Xtra Math +, -, x, ÷ practice with a speed test. This is a perfect way to get those times tables down in the third grade or higher, but is perfect practice for addition and subtraction for younger students. Sign up to create a “class” for your family.

Zearn (Eureka aligned) – Every student in the district has a Zearn account through their Clever log in. This site helps practice current and past math lessons.

IXL (subscription) –   Many of Issaquah’s students had an IXL account before the district switched to Zearn. This is a subscription service that aligns with national mathematics standards.

Prodigy Math – This site has parents and teachers create an account and uses games as a way to teach math. There are badges and acheivements along the way.

Math Playground Games– This site has many math games and logic puzzles for the third grade and younger age groups, but it also has many different ads on the site that can be difficult for the children to navigate. 

Greg Tang’s Math fun– This site has many confusing ads, but the math on it cannot be beat. There are break apart games for the 1-3 rd grades, Esspresso puzzles for 3-5 and more.

Spanish Language

Videos and online resources in different languages. Get the most out of your learning time!

Discovery Kids in Spanish

Kahn Academy Spanish