Log into and scroll down to the link, or start at and login when you need to do so. You’ll find a lot of different ideas and coding fun there, including off-line activities that you and your child can do that are great coding introductions.

Fun coding activities offline include

  • Drawing a picture on a grid and finding a path from one character to another.
  • Continuing a pattern (looping) three times.
  • Make a maze out of legos and think ahead to get your minifig out using words.

Make a map and follow steps. Coding is about thinking ahead and moving from the real world into an abstract thought process. 

‘Debuggin’ means to go back to your original work and fix mistakes. Try it!

Brain Pop Jr. for Art and Technology

Brain Pop Jr. (visit through Clever) has a page for Technology. Explore everything from the Design Process to Parts of a Computer and support coding ideas you learn in by watching videos and doing interactive explorations of Booleans and Conditionals!