Kindergarten health is a great starting place for so many conversations. The big questions, like “How do I take care of my body?” and “Why do we have senses?” start here. In the classroom, I suppolement our district curriculum with Pebble Go, BrainPop Jr., and more great resources that are all available through Clever.¬†Below you’ll find some more things to think about sharing with your little learner.

Annie Moffatt created this fantastic kid-friendly printable to help remind children of the best hand-washing practices.

Health At BrainPop Jr.

With videos, quizzes and the opportunity to take notes by making a map while learning, Brain Pop Jr. is a great choice for where to start your family conversations about health. Log into Brain Pop Jr. with Clever.

Pebble Go Created a page that supports our Families as a kind of community lesson. Not all families look the same. Some have one parent, some have two. Some families are really big, with many generations under one roof! Contact me for login support, but Clever is the way to get there.

Using Go Noodle for a calm down breathing exercersize or for a quick heart-healthy indoor recess might be a good way to pass a rainy day and take care of your mind and body at the same time. Log in with your Clever Account and search for Flow and Recess.

How Do Germs Get Inside Our Bodies?

How Does Hand Sanitizer Work?