While every reader is at a different level, some things we adults do can help every reader.

Read Together Every Day

Make reading an enjoyable, social activity. Practice, but also make reading fun.

Stretch Understanding

Ask comprehension questions and predict what will happen next. What is a character is feeling? Where is the story set. How do you know? What clues does the author or illustrator give?

Practice sight words and words in books.

Practice Alphabet Sounds

Say the name of the letter and practice that letters sounds. Don’t forget the special letters that work together!

Practice Vowel Sounds

Practice the long and short sounds of the vowels.

Remember Bb and Dd

Can’t remember Bb and Dd? Think of the word bed and hold two thumbs up. B is your left hand. D is your right hand. 

In our school we use the Jan Richardson Sight Word lists. These videos were made by Jan Richardson and Jack Hartman to help children learn their sight words!

Use Brain Pop Jr. from your Clever Account and explore the Reading and Writing section. We practice ALL these topics in different reading groups in our class. Check it out!

Looking for something more for your child specifically? Check out Brain Pop Jr’s Reading and Writing to look into phonics, words and story elements. Three of our reading groups are talking about character, setting, and plot. We’re all practicing different parts of phonics every week. Find what works best for your child in Brain Pop Jr.


Head Sprout is a learning currculum that uses a placement test on the first visit to help put your child onto a learning track that is just right for their level. Thank you to the Clark PTSA for funding to make sure we have access to Head Sprout this year!

Use Head Sprout (a link from your Clever account) to keep up on your reading at least 45 minutes a week. You’ll take a placement test and get put onto a learning track that is just for you.

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