This week we’re talking about insects! Let’s read a non-fiction book together about insects to learn more before we have our live class.

Brain Pop Science

Brain Pop Jr. is a great science supplement! Log in through your Clever Account! Explore the entire science page or just focus in on the area’s we’ve learned in class. It’s up to you! Landforms, animals, and so much more is waiting for you to exlpore!

Mystery Doug

Mystery Doug has made mini lessons available to parents during school closure. In our classroom we sometimes use Mystery Doug as a supplement to lessons. Take a look around!

Pebble Go

Pebble Go is like an encyclopedia online. When I was little, I got lost exploring ideas in the encyclopedia, and that can happen for early learners here. Contact me if you don’t have the password to this yet, I’ll send it out ASAP.

Explore your world!

Take a walk out in the forest with your family and look at the rocks and plants around you. Stop and listen. Do you hear birds? Look up what kind of animals and plants are in our area!

Maybe you want to visit the Smithsonian Zoo Online  or the Monteray Bay Aquarium to learn about ocean habitats!