Social Studies

Social Studies in Kindergarten covers civics and government, culture and community, history, economics, and government. This last semester we are going to focus on economics and government, but all the Brain Pop Jr. and Pebble Go videos and reading are great introductions to our topics. I’m very excited to start learning forward with you online until we’re back in the classroom together.

Log into both these sites through CLEVER.


That’s a lot to sift through. Where should I start? 

Please start with the following videos. They tie into our social studies geography unit and will help answer questions in our Seesaw activites.

Ms. Ramadorai says…Please get a piece of paper and a pencil (and crayons if you want). Make a map of your house, neighborhood, or of our school.

Think about what’s important to the place you’re mapping – places I would want on my map if I had never been there before.

Don’t forget all the bathrooms or parks! Send it to me on Seesaw!!

When doing BrainPop Jr. videos, I highly recommend doing the activities. Quizes are great, but using the make a map activity will help solidify the ideas. Another wonderful part of BrainPop Jr. is the Creative Coding activity with every video. It’s an interactive way to take notes and use the information we’re getting from the video.