We’ve been writing so many different kinds of books! This quarter we’re wrapping up how-to books, but your child can keep sharp with the narrative fiction we practiced earlier in the year.¬†

Opinion Writing:

An opinion is something you think or feel. It’s something that you want to share, and that you want to help other people see your reasons for. Watch the videos and remember that you can use ANY paper to write your opinion, but you can also print this paper.

How-To Books

How-To writing templates are here. Writing is a great way for a child to share what they know. Think of what you want to share, like making pancakes. Then number the steps and put them in order. Use labels and details to help your reader follow the how-to instructions. Use the Did I write like a kindergartener with the checklist.

Personal Narrative

We started the year with Personal Narrative writing. Start with an idea that is small, like a sled ride. Think about how to tell the story in order: beginning first, then the middle, and finally, the end. Add details, feelings and the things people said. Write on regular paper or use this writing template.

Be a brave speller!


When you’re done, you’ve just begun! Head back to the beginning of your book. Read it to a friend or parent.

  • Add details and labels to your drawing.
  • Spaces between words.
  • Capital letters at the start of sentences.
  • Periods at the end of sentences.

Log into Handwriting Without Tears through Clever and practice making each letter the way a reader expects to see it. Having trouble with the HITT app? Watch the video above.